Coming Soon: First Howl, Dire Wolves Shifter MC No. 1

Coming Soon: First Howl, Dire Wolves Shifter MC No. 1

I like a challenge. I also like to sell books. I do this for a living because I love to write. I have to write. It's in my blood and my soul. As the Joker said in The Dark Knight: "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

So my challenge is to create stories which I love to write and which will also sell. This is very good for you, my dear perverted reader because it means you're going to like my stories more. My favorite fetish/niche will always be futanari, but that's just not everyone's cup of girlcock. I'm going beyond futanari to explore other themes I also enjoy that you enjoy more, too.

One of those is my steampunk paranormal DD/lg BDSM erotica series. I love writing about Kitten and Daddy and apparently you love reading it. And there are no futa in it at all.

Meet the Dire Wolves

Time to introduce you to the next non-futa series: The Dire Wolves Shifter MC. This series focuses on the rough sex/BDSM adventures of a biker club that are werewolves. The first book begins by introducing us to the Dire Wolves MC's first prospect in a long time (prospects have a way of dying from vicious animal attacks).

Liam MacLeod

Liam MacLeod only wants two things in life: to find a woman who can handle and who craves his primal kind of Dominance and to ride in an MC with loyal brothers.

Meet Michael McCloud

Liam decides to go for his dreams and that's when the events of First Howl begin to unfold. Before long he rides to the headquarters of Washington's most notorious MC, the Dire Wolves. He expects to be treated roughly as any MC would do to a prospect, but he gets much worse than that. The only thing good that comes out of it is laying his eyes on Presley Donovan. He knows as soon as he sees this woman that he has to have her, to claim her, and make her his.

Meet Presley Donovan

When Presly sees the new "pup" her heart flutters and skips a beat. She's afraid at how much she desires the lean muscle and taut grace of Liam's body, the lines of his beautiful face. She's also afraid of what her father's going to do to him. 

Presley Donovan can't resist Michael's rebel charm and Dominating ways


Valor Donovan, AKA "Old Fang," is the Dire Wolves MC 1st Sergeant-at-arms... and Presley's father. His plan to drive Liam off from joining the MC backfires disastrously. When Presley looks at Liam, she sees more than someone she could fall in love with. She sees the future of the Dire Wolves MC. 

More to come

As I get closer to finishing the story and publication (end of July I think), I'll share and tease you more about Dire Wolves Shifter MC No. 1: First Howl.

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