Bryce Calderwood

646 Words About #blacklivesmatter

Bryce Calderwood
646 Words About #blacklivesmatter

Dear fellow white people,

Matters of race are not political. This goes beyond that. No political party or philosophy has the means to deal with this. The only way forward is for each of us to search their own soul.

You're white.

Your life already matters. Nobody is trying to tell you it doesn't when they say black lives matter, but you act as though they are. Think about how absurd that is.

You're not going to get gunned down in cold blood in front of your children during a routine traffic stop. Your life is not in danger every fucking day you step out of your house.

Every time you claim all lives matter, you're paving over the tragedy and injustice that occurs to black people on a daily basis (and has for over a century). You may not realize it, but when you say all lives matter, you're making their claim irrelevant when relevancy is the one thing they seek (newsflash: they're still not getting it, and you're helping to make sure they don't).

By saying that all lives matter instead of standing up specifically to say that black lives matter, you're part of the problem that perpetuates the horrific nonchalant violence that gives black people the message every day that no, their lives don't matter.

By saying all lives matter, you're taking away from black people their desperate cry for help and making it about yourself. It's as if when you hear black lives matter your knee-jerk reaction is to think I matter, too! Of course you already matter, YOU'RE FUCKING WHITE. Like, holy shit, what is so fucking hard about just admitting that black lives matter? 

This isn't about you. You don't represent "all lives." All lives are not having their murders live-streamed as the world watches in horror. All lives are not being told their cry for help is not going to be heard. This is not happening to all lives. 

It's happening to black lives, and in numbers that make comparisons to any other group laughable (the sad, bitter kind of laugh).

Think about that. Until you stop doing that you are making things worse. You need to look inside yourself and ask it that's what you want to be.

This is even more important after the Dallas shootings of yesterday. If we take the shooter's words at face value (I can see no reason outside of conspiracy theories to do otherwise; what did he have to lose?) what we had was a man driven to the brink. It was proven to him again and again, murder after murder, that black lives didn't matter. I'm not condoning the murders that he committed. If this keeps up you can expect more of it, because people can only take so much. More people will break under the strain and it's going to be easy to blame them while ignoring that they're also symptoms of the larger problem. It's not an either/or situation: people have individual culpability and are part of the complex cause-and-effect of society itself.

Even if you agree with me, fellow white person, now you have a new problem.

I bet you anything that the thought of actually coming out as a white person and saying black lives matter scares you. You're afraid to do it. You're afraid to say it on Facebook. You're afraid to tweet it. You're afraid to do it because of what other white people will think, like your friends and family. You're afraid of having to deal with the well-meaning but deluded comments as well as the outright shitty comments you'll get from people (just what the fuck do you think black people deal with every day?).

You don't want to rock your happy safe gigantic cruise ship of white privilege.

People are dying and you're part of the problem. 

FUCK your fear. 

Black lives matter.